Check-in Service Usage in Singapore

Check-ins @ Starbucks Singapore

We started an experiment this March to monitor the check-ins at eleven Starbucks stores in Orchard area. Today, I’m happy to share some findings:

  • There are in total 2,910 check-ins in 75 days since March 23
  • On average total 37 check-ins at 11 stores daily
  • Daily 3-4 check-ins on average per store
  • 95.5% (2,780) check-ins are from Foursquare
  • The Cathay Starbucks store received most check-ins (1,040, 35.74%)
  • More check-ins on weekends, the highest number of check-ins observed on Saturdays
  • The peak period for check-ins is between 4pm to 9pm
  • 17% are returning users

It’s not a scientific study but more an exploration to see the adoption of check-in services in Singapore. As seen from this study, check-in usage is low in Singapore and there is so far few campaign utilizing check-in services in Singapore. But, if the profile of targeted customers fits into active check-in service users, this also presents an opportunity for brands who’d like to be perceived as a bold and creative brand.

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