Facebook Timeline for Pages & Premium Ads

Facebook is to launch several premium ads products soon to provide brands more ways to advertise to its audience on Facebook, and changing the current Page design to timeline (by end March). This post briefly discusses the changes on Page and ads marketers should be aware.

Sponsored Story

Facebook Premium Ads

Previously (and right now), the sponsored story appear on the right-hand side. But, it will appear as a sponsored story on the right-hand side and it can also appear in news feed on both desktop and mobile. All of these placements are on Facebook’s homepage.

Premium Ads

Premium ads on Facebook helps you maximize the number of people interacting with your brand and talking about you, while unlocking the power of fans and their friends.

For Facebook users not connected to your brand, your story will appear on the right-hand side of their  homepage as an ad.

For your fans and friends of fans, your story will appear as a sponsored story on the right-hand side, and it can also appear in news feed on both desktop and mobile. All of these placements are on Facebook’s homepage.

According to Facebook, placements in the right-hand side and in news feed on Facebook’s homepage have an average of 5x-10x more engagement than all other places on the site.

Reach Generator

Currently, if you don’t have run any ads on Facebook, only about 16% of your page’s fans see your posts on Facebook. But, you will have something called “reach generator”, which Facebook guarantees to show to 75% of a page’s fans over the course of the month.  It allows advertisers to pay Facebook on an ongoing basis, as opposed to a CPC or CPM basis, to sponsor one page post every day

Logout Promotion

Facebook is also offering a  ”logout experience” page that it will show people immediately after they log out on a computer. This comes with a big price though; it’s reported that it costs $700k PER DAY!

Next Steps

Here are a few things you should do if you haven’t.

Redesign your Facebook Page as it transits to timeline layout. Social media maven Mari Smith created a map of the advanced layout with labels explaining how to manipulate all the features; or, you can check out an e-book here.

Before you make any changes to your Page and change to timeline layout, create a report of the current Page performance so that you can compare it with the timeline layout one once you make the transition.

Update your content strategy.Keep in mind the changes of advertising on Facebook on the engagement and influence; better yet, try the premium ads for a few weeks, adjust and update the strategy. And, don’t forget that photos and videos drive 2x engagement.

Last but not least, continue measuring, testing and improving.

Bonus: you can also use a demo tool from Facebook that you can use to create sample Premium on Facebook and view it as people on Facebook would see it.

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