Explore market opportunities with Google Global Market Finder

Google launched Global Market Finder today for advertisers looking to expand their business.

Simply enter keywords that describe your product or service and select a market or region you’d like to explore. You can choose from regions such as Asia, the Emerging Markets, the “G20” economies, or the Americas.

Do note that “South Korea” is NOT included in the target regions. Take a look at the “Geographic distribution” returned from this tool after typing “forex” as the keyword:

Global Market Finder automatically translates your keyword into languages used in each of your selected markets. It then ranks each location by market opportunity by combining search volume, suggested bid price, and competition for each translated keyword.

However, I doubt about the accuracy of this data for markets where Google does not have a dominent market share. Take the above example, there are no Chinese keywords data combined into “China” data while clearly Chinese prefer keyword “waihui” in Chinese than “forex”.

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