How A Singapore Travel Company Wasted $ on Facebook Page

With the launching of big travel exhibition Natas Fair, August is a big month for travel business. Today, I spotted a Wego (a travel search website) campaign on Yahoo Singapore, clicked on one of the links and landed on a Facebook Page where I saw this warning message:

Secure connection (https) warning on Wego Facebook Page

Secure Connection (https) Warning on Wego Facebook Page

The contest page, set as default landing page for We Facebook Page, can not be displayed under secure connections. Holding a contest is one of the effective ways to increase Page fanbase if executed correctly; however, if the new Facebook Page tab for the contest is not set up properly like ignoring the obvious “https” issue here, thousands or millions of Facebook marketing dollars could be wasted.

Facebook introduced secured connections this January, which is a combination of the HTTP with SSL/TLS protocol to provide encrypted communication and secure identification of a network web server. In layman’s term, it’s more secure to browse pages in secured connections.

So what happened on Wego Facebook Page?

You are seeing the above error message because the third party app (either developed in0house or by another agency) doesn’t support secure browsing (https). Users could turn off secure browsing by clicking continue in order to view the Page content properly.

I’m sure some will do but some will not. However, the money was spent whether users succeeded viewing the tab, which they were supposed to see, or not; it’s a huge waste of money as implementing a tab that supports secure browsing is so much easier than actually launching a contest.

Even if Facebook users who browse in secured connection is minority, it can save you money and it can easily done. Besides, if you think they are minority, ask ten friends around you tomorrow and you will be surprised.

Next time when your Facebook Page tab is created, browse it under secured connection and perform a test before you launch it.

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