Growth of Advanced Multidigital and Rich-media Segments



McKinsey have been tracking consumers’ digital habits through a series of surveys covering more than 100,000 respondents across North America, Europe, and Asia. Their 2010 US findings highlighted the growth of advanced multidigital and rich-media segments:

  • Digital-media junkies: the people most likely to be early adopters of new technologies; often younger men
  • Digital communicators: those spending more time on social networks; often women
  • Video digerati: those more likely to consume Internet-based video
  • Gamers: spend more time gaming than any other segments – over 2.5 hours a day – and are less likely to own smartphones
  • Professionals: like new gadgets and are more likely to pay for sleek designs; they primarily communicate by email, are heavy web browsers, and are less likely to watch video online
  • On-the-go workers: spend less time online than average and more time talking on mobile phones. Few buy the latest gadgets, such as e-readers
  • Traditionalists: are less interested in Internet browsing and social networking and are more likely to read print newspapers

At the beginning of developing any digital marketing campaigns, profiling the target audience is vital to the campaign success.

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