B2B Sales Success Secret Revealed

b2b secret

B2B businesses are conventionally harder to market than those selling to consumers, which especially requires strategic planning and phases of digital marketing tactics across channels.

A recent report by RAIN Group shed some light on  factors that separates B2B sales winners from their challengers; bringing something new and valuable to the table is the most important thing that top sales people do differently.

Factors Most Separating Winners from Second-Place Finishers

These factors are found most crucial to B2B sales winners:

  1. Educating the prospect with new ideas or perspectives
  2. Collaborating with the prospect
  3. Persuading the prospect they would achieve results
  4. Listening to the prospect
  5. Understanding customers’ needs
  6. Helping them avoid potential pitfalls
  7. Crafting a compelling solution
  8. Depecting purchasing process accurately
  9. Connecting personally
  10. Overall value from the company is superior to other options

Other  key takeaways from the report:

  • The sellers who won the sale don’t just sell differently; they sell radically differently than the sellers who came in second.
  • Solution- and consultative-selling approaches need to evolve in important ways, especially to open the door for sellers to drive their own demand and create their own opportunities.Fundamentally, however, these approaches aren’t dead. They’re not even mostly dead. Sellers and companies that dismiss the core concepts of solution sales and replace them wholesale with something else place their sales success in grave danger.
  • The sellers who win have distinct patterns for how they sell. Rain Group categorized and labeled these patterns in the Three Levels of RAIN SellingSM: connect, convince, and collaborate

In my experience helping B2B businesses succeed online, every company needs to develop its unique approach. When sometimes it’s difficult to get started, companies can get help from agencies or start with a framework, test and improve form its own strategies.

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