INFOGRAPHIC: Portrait of a Mobile Consumer


There is expected to be over 8.2 billion hand held mobile devices active by 2018. Therefore brands have to up their game to make sure that their retail systems are kept up to date as the mobile consumer is looking for more ways to access shopping online. Brands really need to make their content easily accessible. Even before shopping online, 90% of consumers were using their mobile devices to find out the location of a specific shop and its opening times.

As shown in the mobile consumer data graphic below, the main focus point of mobile commerce is mainly on transactions; however it is more than likely that this will soon expand to include the whole of the retail experience. Loyalty coupons, access and parking are just some of the ideas proposed to change in the future. Brands want the retail experience to be looked at as a whole to provide the consumer with the best experience possibly, which would encourage them to come back.


Social media has become another strong point of the new mobile generation. It bridges the gap between the in-store experience and friendship towards the consumer. It is important for brands to make the most of this platform as it allows them to be more personalised so they can relate to the consumer. Many consumers feel underwhelmed by many brands attempts to target them, as they are more than often targeted at a mass audience. Therefore using social media can help them overcome this barrier.

As the data graphic shows mobile data is becoming more of a representation of the consumer’s lifestyle. They are using mobile data to create an idealistic lifestyle. As a result of this, by 2018 it is predicted that 69% of mobile data traffic will be from video. This shows the huge shift from text to visuals. Apps that allow consumers to send short video clips are often more appealing than sending a text message. Mobile web data is the future and will continue to be a huge consumer of traffic.

Credit: data graphic produced by the vouchercloud discount site

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