Impact of a YouTube Campaign on Offline Sales

We do see more and more clients taking advantage of online video marketing; YouTube is becoming a very popular channel for advertisers. However, YouTube campaign is often treated as a separate marketing channel and its impact is often ignored.

Google recently released a case study with Nutrigloss conducted in France. The study shows the incremental impact of a YouTube campaign on the offline sales of Nutrigloss shampoo.

Key findings are as follows:

  • L’Oréal’s media spend became more efficient by using YouTube. Swapping some TV for YouTube achieved equivalent sales for 13% less budget.
  • Adding a YouTube campaign after a TV burst helped to maintain sales up to 17% above their post-TV level.
  • Up to 35% of those exposed to the YouTube & display campaign were not reached by TV.
  • The YouTube & display campaign was very effective in complementing TV, over-exposing those least exposed to the TV campaign.

You can download a copy of this case study here.

The same as other digital channels, there is a test and refine process required for YouTube marketing; what businesses need to do is to integrate it with other channels and measure the performance and impact of your online video campaigns on your sales.

History of the Internet [infographics]

“History of the internet” is an animated documentary explaining the inventions from time-sharing to filesharing, from Arpanet to Internet. The clip was made by Melih Bilgil.

The history is told using the PICOL icons, which are available on

Have a great weekend!

Marketers’ Guide to Foursquare

People should be excited to earn your badge.Millions of users turn to foursquare every day sharing their activities and loyalty with their social network, earning badges and points along the way.

Among all location-based services (LBS), foursquare offers news opportunities for brands and venue owners to attract and engage customers.

Foursquare for Brands: 4sq Pages and Partner Badges

Let’s explore first 4sq marketing tools for brands not tied to physical locations: Pages and Custom Badges.

Foursquare Pages

foursquare page - redbull

Foursquare Pages are your custom homepage on foursquare with a custom URL (“”), the epicenter of all brand engagement. Your fans can “follow” your Page (similar to Facebook Page) and enjoy your content you create for them (like tips and guide). 4sq Page can be customized to include your brand image and links to other online properties.

Foursquare Page tips. A foursquare Tip is a piece of information tied to a location. Share your expertise associated with real-world experiences, which is one way on foursquare to communicate those to your followers. When one of your followers checks in nearby, your Tip will pop up on their screen. Users who don’t follow you still can see your Tip when they check in to that specific location.

For example, The New York Times guided their foursquare followers to the best spots to visit while in Vancouver for the 2010 Winter Olympics. Simply make every Tip interesting, worthwhile and actionable.

Unfortunately, you can not create this Page on your own at the moment. If you’re interested, you can download this form and follow the instructions at the top. Be patient, it may take you a few weeks.

Partner Badges

Foursquare Badges

Foursquare has a fun reward system which motivates users to accomplish things so that they can unlock badges 4sq created. Brands can also engage users by offering Partner Badges to their followers.

Toys’R’Us created a badge to reward loyal holiday shoppers with Black Friday discounts; CNN supported a healthy lifestyle with a Healthy Eater badge for users that checked in to farmers markets.

If you feel like you have a great idea for a Partner Badge on foursquare that you want to pitch, please fill out this form. A wide audience should be excited to earn (or UNLOCK) your badge by performing a behavior pattern (not just one action).

Foursquare Marketing for Venue Owners

For merchants and other venue owners, foursquare offers a free set of tools to help you attract new customers and keep the best ones coming back.

You can attract new customers or reward your most loyal ones by offering foursquare Specials – mobile coupons, prizes or discounts when they check in at or near your venue, whether it’s a unique discount for first-time customers or rewards for the 10th visit.

You can sign up for foursquare’s free Merchant Platform also allows you access to your Venue Stats dashboard, allowing you to track your customer foot traffic over time.

Foursquare Specials

Foursquare offers a range of different types of Specials, some designed to get new customers in the door, some designed for specific promotions, and others to reward your most loyal customers.

  • Mayor Special: encourage repeat visitors
  • Frequency Special: encourage loyalty and repeat visits
  • Count Special: attract new customers
  • Custom Special: promote deals
  • Venue Regulars Special: increase short-term repeat customers

During the process of claiming your venue on foursquare, you can ask them to mail you a free sticker to help you attract new foursquare customers.

If you run less than 10 venues, you can register a foursquare account and claim your venue. If you run between 10 and 100 venues, you need to download and complete this form or this form for over 100 venues.

Excited about LBS? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Why Getting on the Mac App Store could be Worth the Effort

Apple launched Mac App Store on Jan 6 2011. What seemingly a nice to have tool for Mac OS users could turn out to be a game changer. Evernote agreed and shared some impressive numbers:

Each column shows the number of new users that signed up for Evernote every hour starting at midnight on New Year’s Day. The red portion shows how many of those new users came from the Evernote Mac client.

Getting on the Mac App Store could be worth the effort for you as well.

How to Plan for Seasonal Events

February is a busy month in Singapore with two seasonal events, Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day (and my birthday as well :)).  In this post, I’m to use Valentine’s Day as an example to illustrate how marketers can start planning their campaigns.

What does A Marketer Need to Know?

First of all, let’s take a look at what are the things that marketers should understand to plan Valentine’s Day.

  • Opportunities. What’s in their mind for Valentine’s Day? If the campaign material are boring, it’s going to be a disaster as you will lose your audiences’ interest.
  • Time. You want to deliver your message at the exact right moment; it’s important to figure out the right moment.
  • Digital media mix. What are the channels you need to deploy and how to measure the success?

Of course, there are more for marketers to know for seasonal events campaign; but, this post will focus on the above three things.

Opportunities for Seasonal Event Campaign

Besides conducting survey and focus group, the easiest thing you can do is to check out the search queries during the same period in the past years. There are different tools for different markets; Google keywords tool should be on top of the list for your research:

Here are some example:

Search queries indicate the intent and interests of searchers, which can be used to guide your product design, marketing strategy and advertising messaging.

Time – Best Campaign Launch Period

Valentine's Day search trend

Google insights is a good tool for this purpose in Singapore market. As the search trend indicates, the earliest time you launch a Valentine’s Day campaign is about three weeks in advance, and the last one week (7-14 Feb) should be when you should focus your budget on.

You should take other holidays during this period into your consideration. In Singapore, Chinese New Year is an important event which falls on Feb 3. You probably don’t want to be actively promoting Valentine’s Day campaign until CNY is over.

Mix: Which Channels?

This depends on your product or service as well as your budget. Search engine marketing, as one of the most cost effective tactic, should be on the top of your mind.

Whichever channel you deploy, you need to make sure:

  • Set KPIs
  • Track the performance of each channel
  • Monitor the ROI

Track all channels, including both online and offline media. It doesn’t have to be 100% accurate. ROI metric for social media channel is always headache for many companies. It takes experience to figure out how; you can ask your digital agency for help.

We will share a list of online tools to monitor the trends in a later post. Subscribe via RSS or email if you’re interested.

Learn from Skype how to apologize in digital age

When was the last time a company said sorry to you? How did you feel after they apologized? How did you feel if that was not the first time you got annoyed by the same issue?

A friend recently found an inappropriate charge on his phone bill; the company said sorry. What happened was, someone was charged an inappropriate amount and has to go all the way to the customer service center, queue and talk to the customer service offer simply to get the right bill.

Don’t forget the fact: your customers are now powered with digital tools and they can express all their bad feeling in any way they like; twitter, Facebook, blog, online forum, friends, …

An apology is not sincere if it can only be heard other than be felt.

How to Apologize to Your Customer

Ask yourself a simple question, what is the right way to apologize as a person? Then, you know how to apologize as a company. Last month, Skype apologized sincerely for “skype outage” incident.

  1. Say you are sorry
  2. Describe the problem so that your customer can see that you do understand his “pain”
  3. Fix the problem
  4. Make it up to your customer; it could be a gift, a voucher, a discount and etc. The voucher Skype gave is only worth $1; but it’s not about the value. What customers see is a responsible brand who is serious about any trouble caused to their customers.

Step 4 is essential for your customers to “feel” your apology. Don’t skip it. Besides, it’s an opportunity to build a strong brand and trigger positive word of mouth online.

Does your brand own its first letter on Google search?

Now Google shows you search results as you type, which results in more impressions and better results as you read faster than you type. This is Google Instant.

Even when you don’t know what exactly you are looking for, the top prediction can guide you. As soon as you enter one letter into the search box, you start to see keyword suggestions and search results. Though few people just use single letter as search query, it’s a great exposure for brands if they can own the letter.

As shown in the above image, SingTel, Starhub, SGX and Stomp are the top brands that own letter “s” on Google (as the search was conducted in Singapore; you will probably see different brands with “S” if in a different location).

Which letter does your brand start with? Does Google suggest your brand when a user starts a search query with that letter? Try it out on Google yourself.

Find your market hotspots overseas with Google Export Tool

Google Export Tool uses Google translation and search data to provide an estimate of market opportunities across the world enabling businesses to make informed decisions on where to target international campaigns.

You can have either “Map” view or “Table” view:

It uses data from the millions of internet searches conducted on Google worldwide you will be able to see the estimated search volume and cost-per click for a variety of markets based on your keywords. So, for markets where Google does not have a dominant market share, you need to explore other data sources for more accurate findings.