Case Study: London 2012 #1yeartogo Campaign on Twitter

London #1yeartogo Campaign

London launched a global Twitter campaign for 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, themed “1 Year to Go”.

The idea is simple but powerful. Anyone with a Twitter account can say whatever she likes to say with two hashtags, “#1yeartogo” and three-letter country tag like “CHN” for China.

#1yeartogo campaign tweets#1yeartogo campaign tweets

The Twitter campaign has got what’s needed, a hashtag to track the campaign and a contest to arouse mass audiences’ participation. The ranking of top tweeted teams makes it a “powerful” idea:

Top Tweeted TeamsTop Tweeted Teams

Olympics is about competition; the idea of competing for Twitter users’ own country makes them unite and spread the word. Sadly, China can hardly make it to the top 10 this time.

How to Make it Better

They use hashtag to track the Twitter campaign and it tells the purpose of the campaign, “1 year away from London 2012 Olympics”, which is good. But, there’s a lack of branding in the hashtag; something like “#1YearToLondon2012″ could be better for Twitter users to understand what’s going on without visiting the campaign landing page.

The “story”. There is a very good or great story behind every viral campaigns. #1yeartogo campaign is interesting but doesn’t make a very good story.

The design. The most important design element should be for participation. The “1″ and “2″ steps clearly specifies what a Twitter users need to do to EASILY participate. However, this design element is positioned below the fold along with the “Top Tweeted teams”. Both should be positioned above the fold and integrated with the London Olympics stadium image.

It’s not mobile friendly. The use of flash could potentially turn away millions of participation on mobile devices. They could either use HTML5 or make a different version for mobile and redirect mobile users to that page.

Sharing. The Facebook “Like” button has attracted over 151K clicks by the time I write this post. What they should do instead is to use Facebook “Share” which is more powerful way for patriots in every nation to call for more participations. In addition, a “Retweet” button is missing though the “follow” button is present.


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