SEO for Baidu

Baidu has a dominant market share in China. What works to rank high in international search engines like Google may or may not work in Baidu; it takes specific Chinese SEO experiences as well as Chinese language skills.

The algorithm in Baidu is not exactly the same as that of Google; however, our search engine optimization service take all Chinese search engines into consideration.

And, Incitez Chinese SEO Service is not only about ranking in SERP but also improving usability and conversions. Our goal is not about driving traffic to your Chinese websites but helping our clients be found by their customers and convert them to leads and/or sales.

Integration is part of search strategy for our clients with paid search, other digital channels, as well as off-line media.

Why us?

You never know which SEO vendor you should work with even after you work with them unless you have very good understanding in search engine optimization.

We deliver customized Chinese SEO solutions for each client; even each proposal we send out is unique. Contact us and get a proposal today; we share quick findings after a quick audit and an SEO proposal for your business for free.

Our approach follows search engine guidelines from Google and Baidu; we create sustaining SEO advantage for you so that you rely less and less on external help with increasing in-house SEO capabilities on the basics.

Contact us for A Proposal

You can request for a quick site audit if your business already have one Chinese website setup.