Iphone advertisingMobile Display Advertising

Connect with the growing number of mobile Internet users while they’re on the go with mobile ads. You can choose from text or display ads across Search and Content Networks, in mobile applications, and on YouTube mobile.

Mobile ads let you connect with the right customer at the right moment, wherever they are. Is your customer just around the corner from you? Mobile users’ locations can be pinpointed with meter-level accuracy. Clients can easily target or tailor their message according to location and automatically show your customer relevant local store information, like phone numbers and addresses, to enable them to take immediate action.

Clients can view detailed reports on impressions, clicks, cost, and conversions on a site-by-site basis. In addition, integrated mobile reporting allows tracking and optimizing conversion, e-commerce, and engagement metrics on mobile devices.

Mobile Search Marketing

Mobile text ads can also appear when users conduct searches from a mobile device. Users who click on your ad will be sent to your mobile webpage. You also have the option to connect users to your business phone.

Mobile text ads contain two lines of text, with a limit of 12 or 18 characters per line, depending on the language in which your ad is written. Your destination URL appears on a third line if you choose to enter one.

If you select the option that allows customers to connect directly to your business phone, a Call link will appear next to your destination URL.

Mobile Apps (iPhone / Android / iPad)

We design and create iPhone/iPad and Android applications at affordable pricing; some of the features include:

  • GPS Directions
  • One touch calling
  • Tell-A-Friend feature
  • Business information
  • Event listing
  • Multiple ways to contact
  • Email photo feature
  • Native image gallery
  • Fan wall
  • Push notification
  • Email campaign integration
  • Mailing list feature

Other Mobile Marketing Services

  • Mobile Marketing for Location-based Services
  • Bulk SMS messaging
  • Mobile website development & optimization

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