Internet users watch videos very frequently now, not only on desktop computer but also on mobile devices; and, the popularity of social media like Facebook and Twitter could push your video virally spread resulting in a very high return on investment.

There are two ways you can utilize online video for marketing: creating a video and an online campaign to promote the video; or, launch online video advertising campaigns.

Viral Video Marketing

Producing a video doesn’t cost as high as you imagine but integrating your brand message is essential and sometimes neglected. What’s more important is post-production promotion utilizing the powerful sharing feature of social networks as well as video networks.

Incitez works with video production companies as well to help with conceptualization and promotion of the video.

Online Video Advertising via PPTV in Southeast Asia

Advertising on online videos is not something new, among which pre-roll ads are more effective than normal online display ads.

For advertisers targeting Chinese population in Southeast Asia (especially Singapore and Malaysia), Hong Kong and Taiwan, you can do that effectively by launching online video ads (pre-roll ads, layover ads, pause ads) campaigns reaching Chinese population in these regions more effectively via PPTV platforms.

PPTV Total Pageviews in Singapore

PPTV Total Pageviews in Singapore; source: comScore

If you have existing TVC  inventory, it’s a very cost effective channel to raise brand awareness via PPTV, one of the most popular online video brand among Chinese populations and it has significant viewer base in Singapore and Malaysia. You can download the advertising media kit here (English) or here (Chinese) for details. Or, contact us for a proposal.