Search engine marketing (SEM), or Pay Per Click (PPC), is among the most cost effective marketing tactic today, which no business or enterprises should ignore.

Our Approach to Search Marketing

We deliver performance based search marketing solutions and help clients to achieve their business objective online. We only get rewarded if we hit the target and deliver results.

For example, if you are already doing search marketing, you pay us for what has been improved. In other words, if we delivered clicks, visits or conversions with the same cost, we do not charge clients.

Our service include:

  • Search strategy consultancy
  • SEM / PPC campaign management
  • Search campaign optimization
  • In-house SEM / PPC training

SEM Campaign Management

We help clients to BE FOUND by their targeted customers via search engine marketing campaigns.

Search engine marketing (SEM) is very cost effective and keyword driven marketing; keywords indicate people’s purchase intent and interests. It has become a critical part of digital strategy for businesses.

Uniqueness of Incitez Search Marketing

  • Certified search specialists by Google and Baidu
  • Multilingual capability
  • ROI focused search engine marketing
  • Performance based pricing structure; we get paid according to how much we deliver
  • Multiple search engines including Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu and Sogou
  • Integration with other marketing channels
  • All-in-one service
    • Keywords research
    • Ad copy recommendation
    • Landing page recommendation
    • Micro-site design and set-up*
    • Free domain name*
    • Hosting*
    • Web analytics recommendation
    • Optimization
    • Reporting

* There is a minimum budget requirement for these services.

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