Organic search results often drive free and quality (higher converting) traffic to your company website, which makes search engine optimization vital to both MNCs as as well small and medium size companies.

As majority of searchers will NOT view beyond the first page; ranking high for quality keywords is the key task of search engine optimization service companies.

Incitez offers unique low cost and affordable SEO services to both enterprises, and small and medium companies with guaranteed results (100% refund).

Incitez SEO Unique Approach

We believe in win-win situations. Getting more free and quality traffic is important but our top priority is to deliver results being either online sales, off-line store visits, leads or other types of conversions that link to clients’ financial results.

Comparing to our competitors, our SEO service:

  • Provides complete custom solutions that meet clients’ business objective, which include not only search engine optimization but also usability, web analytics, conversion optimization services
  • Is transparent. We clearly tell clients what we are going to do to help improve their business
  • Includes training and sharing. Once we start working with clients, we provide training on basic SEO knowledge so that clients do not have to make mistakes and pay again to fix them
  • Integrates with other channels. No channels should be viewed separately; that why Incitez services offers integration between SEO and other digital marketing tactics as well as off-line integration.
  • Covers basic social media marketing. As social media now has an impact on search engine rankings, we integrates social media optimization and marketing services with SEO packages
  • Charges fairly. We charge differently for sites requiring different levels of efforts. For Singapore SMEs, our service is affordable.
  • Offers full refund. If the service didn’t deliver any results, we would refund the clients fully.

Important Notes

Beware of SEOs that claim to guarantee rankings, allege a “special relationship” with Google, or advertise a “priority submit” to Google. There is no priority submit for Google.

We do not guarantee keywords ranking in our SEO practice. Low traffic and less competitive keywords can rank high easily; and blackhat SEO techniques can get your website out of search engines index, which brings no real benefit to businesses.

If you are a marketing manager with no technical SEO skills, you may find our SEO Whitepaper for Managers helpful.

Other SEO Services

  • SEO Site Audit. Comprehensive report of ranking factors analysis with recommendations will be provided.
  • SEO Consultancy. This service is more for businesses with experience in SEO but facing some difficulties improving organic search traffic.
  • SEO Training for in-house SEO staff
  • Free SEO Consultancy. We provide free SEO services to charity organizations.

Get a FREE audit now and get a report delivered to your inbox within one working day. Or, check out our SEO white paper here.
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