digital marketing training

If you are in any of the following situations, you want to consider our digital marketing training services:

Digital Marketing Training for C-Level Executives

Senior management makes decisions that impact companies’ short-term and long-term growth; lack of understanding in digital will definitely affect the company’s overall marketing tactics to be carried out effectively and efficiently.

With Incitez training, senior executives will have an overall understanding about digital marketing, being its influence and how each digital channel especially search and social media will impact the overall marketing effectiveness.

Digital Intelligence Training for Managers

Companies excelled in traditional marketing tactics might need help extend their outstanding marketing performance in digital channels. Incitez’ intelligence training for managers provide the following personnels relevant knowledge to plan, execute and measure digital marketing performance:

  • Marketing managers from traditional marketing background
  • New staff in charge of digital marketing
  • Staff in charge of a specific digital marketing channel, being either search, social media, eDM or others

Social Media Training

Social media not only helps companies’ marketing on influencing customers’ purchase decisions but also affects how business operations can be executed more efficiently.

Social media training is necessary for both marketers and other departments of a organization.