B2B Sales Success Secret Revealed

b2b secret

B2B businesses are conventionally harder to market than those selling to consumers, which especially requires strategic planning and phases of digital marketing tactics across channels.

A recent report by RAIN Group shed some light on  factors that separates B2B sales winners from their challengers; bringing something new and valuable to the table is the most important thing that top sales people do differently. [Read more...]

Do busy executives prefer video to text?

You may be surprised if you think online videos are not for BUSY executives. The truth is they may actually prefer it to text for learning about products and services.

Let’s see a survey results from Forbes last Oct on the frequency with which US executives view work-related online video content:

You must be curious about what the executives did after viewing a work-related online video. The survey results revealed that by age:

The youngest executives were most interested in video across the board; but, B2B marketers must be prepared to reach older executives through other channels.

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