Groupon and its Competitors in Singapore

Groupon logoIf you are in Singapore, it’s hard to ignore Groupon’s online advertisement; it’s everywhere. Online display, search engines and social networks. Are there any dangerous competitors in Singapore?

We picked three Groupon clones in Singapore market and share some insights here.

Online Traffic

In terms of online traffic, there is no one close to Groupon. According to Google Trends, receives the second highest online traffic in daily deal category. Alexa’s data conform to the finding:

Daily Reach of Singapore Daily Deal Websites

Social Media

Social Media - Singapore Daily Deal Sites

At the time of writing this post, has significant number of Facebook Fans, outnumbered the second and third ones combined ( and However on Twitter, looks like the most active one with over 3,500 followers.

Which one is the best?

In terms of total monthly revenue, Groupon is no doubt the winner. But, from the branding perspective, no one seems to stand out.

There is a lack of innovation in online daily deal sites in Singapore. LivingSocial, Groupon’s strong competitor in U.S., introduced Family Edition deals, focusing on family-friendly activities such as visits to zoos, aquariums, and art classes. Another start-up in the states LevelUp, which launched in early March, offers a sequence of increasingly better offers from the same merchant to repeat customers.

If you look at Singapore’s Groupon-like websites, you can hardly see much innovation yet. The progress of competition is so far a result of fierce online advertising and push promotions.

Should your business work with Groupon-like websites?

Daily deal websites with hundreds of thousands of subscribers will definitely boost your brand awareness. And, there is no cost if there is no results (sales). It’s a good way to promote new business and new products.

But companies need to keep in mind that, price promotions, more often than not, simply attract deal seekers or encourage consumers to stockpile items that are on sale.