APAC Shoppers Are Promotion Seeking

Asian Family Customers Shopping in The Super M...

Image by epSos.de via Flickr

A recent Nielsen survey about impact of promotion on Asia Pacific shoppers found that shoppers in Vietnam and Malaysia were particularly motivated by promotions, followed by shoppers in China.

Here is a summary of this survey findings:

  • While Vietnamese shoppers are most focused on promotions, they scored among the lowest in terms of price consciousness across the region
  • Shoppers in India (88%) on the other hand, are the most price-conscious in the region, followed by Malaysian (68%) and Singaporean (62%) shoppers
  • Malaysia currently still has the distinction of having the highest proportion of males who say they are the main shoppers for the household (37%), and the Philippines (33%).  China (32%), which saw the highest jump in the proportion of male “main shoppers” from previous levels, also warrants a good re-look
  • Shoppers in India (33%), Hong Kong (30%) and the Philippines (29%) stand out as the most impulsive (i.e., they usually do not plan their shopping trips) shoppers in the region
  • Korean (98%) and Taiwanese (94%) shoppers were the most likely to plan their shopping trips
  • Shoppers in Hong Kong are also the most prolific “top-up” shoppers (followed by Singapore and Indonesia), averaging 10 such trips in a month, almost twice the regional average and more than thrice the monthly frequency of their “main” shopping trips

For retailers targeting Asia Pacific, this is very valuable information needed for developing the most effective digital strategies for each market.