Does online advertising really drive offline sales?

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You probably know the answer is yes and “online to store” experiments help uncover the effect online advertising has on offline sales.

In these controlled studies, Google partners with clients and vendors to test in-store sales lift, return on ad spend and other ad metrics.

This video below highlights a sample of findings that prove in-store sales for promoted products and categories and the halo effect this can have on general in-store sales.

The experiments were conducted by saturating test markets with online advertising for particular products. They then compared in-store sales with these products to in-store sales in control markets to determine whether online ads lifted in-store sales. The results show positive in-store sales lift and return on ad spend up to 15 times!

Does your brand own its first letter on Google search?

Now Google shows you search results as you type, which results in more impressions and better results as you read faster than you type. This is Google Instant.

Even when you don’t know what exactly you are looking for, the top prediction can guide you. As soon as you enter one letter into the search box, you start to see keyword suggestions and search results. Though few people just use single letter as search query, it’s a great exposure for brands if they can own the letter.

As shown in the above image, SingTel, Starhub, SGX and Stomp are the top brands that own letter “s” on Google (as the search was conducted in Singapore; you will probably see different brands with “S” if in a different location).

Which letter does your brand start with? Does Google suggest your brand when a user starts a search query with that letter? Try it out on Google yourself.