Does your brand own its first letter on Google search?

Now Google shows you search results as you type, which results in more impressions and better results as you read faster than you type. This is Google Instant.

Even when you don’t know what exactly you are looking for, the top prediction can guide you. As soon as you enter one letter into the search box, you start to see keyword suggestions and search results. Though few people just use single letter as search query, it’s a great exposure for brands if they can own the letter.

As shown in the above image, SingTel, Starhub, SGX and Stomp are the top brands that own letter “s” on Google (as the search was conducted in Singapore; you will probably see different brands with “S” if in a different location).

Which letter does your brand start with? Does Google suggest your brand when a user starts a search query with that letter? Try it out on Google yourself.

Real Branding Implications of Digital Media

Earlier this month, search engine marketing company iProspect released its research results on real branding implications of digital media, which examined how mere impressions of various digital media assets – and combinations thereof – produced brand lift.

These are the key findings that demonstrate the relationship between the digital assets examined in this study and brand lift:

  • Paid search result impressions have the greatest impact on brand lift, both in isolation and in combination with other digital assets.
    • In aggregate, paid search results generate 44% lift in likelihood to purchase.
    • Within the retail vertical, paid search impressions create a 54% lift in likelihood to purchase.
  • The combination of paid + organic search impressions produce the strongest brand lift across most of the brand metrics measured.
    • In aggregate, paid search results + organic search results net a 73% lift in likelihood to purchase.
    • Within the hotel vertical, paid + organic search impressions create a 147% lift in likelihood to purchase.
  • Online display advertising is also effective at producing brand lift, but makes its strongest contribution when used in combination with search engine results. This combination produced a surprisingly high brand lift across many of the verticals studied.
    • In aggregate, organic search results + display ad impressions net a 16% increase in likelihood to purchase.
    • Within the banking/financial vertical, organic search results + display ad impressions create a 64% lift in likelihood to purchase.

As all clients, their customers and the targeted markets are unique, you must test all three channels (paid search, organic search, and display ads) in order to identify the best combination.