Facebook Timeline for Pages & Premium Ads

Facebook is to launch several premium ads products soon to provide brands more ways to advertise to its audience on Facebook, and changing the current Page design to timeline (by end March). This post briefly discusses the changes on Page and ads marketers should be aware.

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Facebook Premium Ads

Previously (and right now), the sponsored story appear on the right-hand side. But, it will appear as a sponsored story on the right-hand side and it can also appear in news feed on both desktop and mobile. All of these placements are on Facebook’s homepage. [Read more...]

Top Social Media Tools in 2011: Message Boards, Blogging & Mobile Apps

The 500 fastest-growing private companies are continuing to increase their usage of some social media tools, while pulling back from others according to a study by University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research.

Social Media Tools with Which Inc. 500 Companies Have Had Success 2009-2011

Social Media Tools with Which Inc. 500 Companies Have Had Success 2009-2011

Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are the top three social media tools used by Inc. 500 companies last year though more have had success with bulletin boards, blogging and mobile apps.

Singapore Consumers Spending 25 Hours Online per Week

According to Nielsen, digital consumers in Singapore are the heaviest Internet users in the region, averaging 25 hours online per week.

Rapid technological developments and increasing ownership of mobile connected devices, such as smartphones and tablets, are revolutionising digital media usage in Singapore. Internet usage is surpassing time spent on traditional media such as television, radio or print.

Nielsen also predicts that 89% of Singaporean digital consumers will own a smartphone by mid-next year. Facebook emerged as the dominating social media site across South-east Asia, with 77% of digital consumers in Singapore maintaining an active profile.

YouTube ranked as second or third most popular social networking site in South-east Asian markets, with 45% of digital consumers in Singapore having an active YouTube profile.

Download the latest Singapore Stats whitepaper here.

Singapore Facebook Users Spend The Longest

Experian Social Media Study

Experian Social Media Study

A recent Experian study found that Singapore Internet users spend the longest on Facebook, with an average of 38 minutes and 46 seconds per session. This study illustrates the importance of Facebook marketing to those who still wait and see.

Facebook is turning from an optional marketing channel to one that marketers shouldn’t miss. However, rushing to the Facebook to promote your products or services without proper strategy and planning will simply cost you a lot more than what you can gain.

Compelling and interactive content that engage the prospective customers is essential for your brand on Facebook.

Southeast Asia Consumers Highly Influenced by Online Advertising

Influence of Web Advertising on Southeast Asian Consumers

Influence of Web Advertising on Southeast Asian Consumers

In a recent Nielsen research indicates that consumers in Southeast Asia are highly influenced by online advertising; much higher than the global average. More than half (54%) completely or somewhat trust consumer opinions posted online.

The same survey also shows that 74% SEA consumers found “behavior targeted ads” useful (online ads that are delivered to consumers based on previous purchases or other web sites visited), compared to just 58% globally. Consumers in Philippines and Vietnam were most receptive to such ads (83% and 82%, respectively). [Read more...]

How A Singapore Travel Company Wasted $ on Facebook Page

With the launching of big travel exhibition Natas Fair, August is a big month for travel business. Today, I spotted a Wego (a travel search website) campaign on Yahoo Singapore, clicked on one of the links and landed on a Facebook Page where I saw this warning message:

Secure connection (https) warning on Wego Facebook Page

Secure Connection (https) Warning on Wego Facebook Page

The contest page, set as default landing page for We Facebook Page, can not be displayed under secure connections. Holding a contest is one of the effective ways to increase Page fanbase if executed correctly; however, if the new Facebook Page tab for the contest is not set up properly like ignoring the obvious “https” issue here, thousands or millions of Facebook marketing dollars could be wasted. [Read more...]

Top 5 Interactions New Media Users Look for

Merely having a presence on new media like Facebook without interactions will be a waste of time and money; give your consumers what they want.

New media users mainly look for  the five types of interactions:

  1. Incentives. Offer them free product or service, trials, discounts and coupons.
  2. Customer service. Solve their problem.
  3. Solicit their feedback on products / services
  4. Entertain them.
  5. Provide new ways for brand interactions (e.g. online games, ipad app, etc.)

Get LinkedIn Share Button

LinkedIn, the social networking website targeting business professionals, launched share button and enable you to share your content with their network.

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