Why Asia Marketers (Especially Singapore) Need to Increase Digital Spend for Marketing

Number of Hours Watched

Number of Hours Watched

According to a new Nielsen report on the changing Asian media landscape, Asian countries rank amongst the top globally for media consumption with four of the top five nations for home TV and online video usage located in the region.

Asian countries also took all five spots when it comes to mobile video usage, among which Singapore ranked number five in Nielsen’s Mobile Video Usage Index with over 3.5 million mobile video viewers (compared to 3 million TV viewers and 2.5 million Internet video viewers).

40% of online consumers in Asia Pacific claim to view online product reviews for purchase decisions. Consumers in Vietnam were most likely to turn to online reviews before making a purchase decision at 81 percent, followed by Chinese (77%) and Thais (69%).

Although online advertising has a higher average return on investment and digital advertising accounts for 14% of global advertising spend, budget allocation to digital platforms in Asia Pacific is failing to keep up: it accounts for less than one percent of total spend in markets such as Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

However, it’s also a period of time you can utilize the low-budget allocation on digital in this region as when many companies shift more budget from traditional marketing to digital, it will cost you a lot more.

Online Video Advertising Opportunity in Southeast Asia

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Singapore and Malaysia Saw the Biggest Confidence Declines in Q4 2011

Top 10 Consumer Confidence Index Countries

Top 10 Consumer Confidence Index Countries

Consumer confidence also fell by nine points last quarter in Singapore  to 94, alight above global average 88 according to third quarter global online consumer confidence findings from Nielsen.

According to the same Nielsen survey, Global online consumer confidence fell for the seventh consecutive quarter as confidence in 31 of 56 global markets measured declined. Top concerns of online consumers in Asia Pacific are economy, job security and work/life balance. [Read more...]

46% Singapore Online Consumers Own A Smartphone

Smartphone Purchase Intent chart

Almost half of online consumers in Southeast Asian countries without owning a smartphone have the intent to buy a smartphone in 2011 according to an online survey from The Nielsen Company.

About a quarter (24%) of survey respondents said they already own a smartphone, up from 21% at the start of 2010.

Singapore led the region, with 46% of those surveyed saying they owned a smartphone, while Thailand and Malaysia posted the most aggressive growth in the sector, 47% and 35%, respectively.

Indonesian netizens, who don’t own a smartphone, appear to be the most likely to buy a smartphone, with 51% indicating that they “definitely/probably will purchase” the device in the next 12 months. In Singapore, where the penetration of smartphones is highest amongst netizens in the region, the number is about 38%.

Male netizens across the region are more likely to buy a smartphone, with 50% indicating an intention of buying, compared to 41% of female netizens. On the same count, half of online consumers aged 25-34 planned on buying the device.

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