Impact of a YouTube Campaign on Offline Sales

We do see more and more clients taking advantage of online video marketing; YouTube is becoming a very popular channel for advertisers. However, YouTube campaign is often treated as a separate marketing channel and its impact is often ignored.

Google recently released a case study with Nutrigloss conducted in France. The study shows the incremental impact of a YouTube campaign on the offline sales of Nutrigloss shampoo.

Key findings are as follows:

  • L’Oréal’s media spend became more efficient by using YouTube. Swapping some TV for YouTube achieved equivalent sales for 13% less budget.
  • Adding a YouTube campaign after a TV burst helped to maintain sales up to 17% above their post-TV level.
  • Up to 35% of those exposed to the YouTube & display campaign were not reached by TV.
  • The YouTube & display campaign was very effective in complementing TV, over-exposing those least exposed to the TV campaign.

You can download a copy of this case study here.

The same as other digital channels, there is a test and refine process required for YouTube marketing; what businesses need to do is to integrate it with other channels and measure the performance and impact of your online video campaigns on your sales.

Do busy executives prefer video to text?

You may be surprised if you think online videos are not for BUSY executives. The truth is they may actually prefer it to text for learning about products and services.

Let’s see a survey results from Forbes last Oct on the frequency with which US executives view work-related online video content:

You must be curious about what the executives did after viewing a work-related online video. The survey results revealed that by age:

The youngest executives were most interested in video across the board; but, B2B marketers must be prepared to reach older executives through other channels.

Engage Viewers with TrueView Video Ads

TrueView Video Ads give viewers choice and control over which advertisers’ messages they want to see and when.

Advertisers are charged only when a viewer has chosen to watch the ad, not when an impression is served.

InStream Ads

InStream Ads

With InStream Ads, users gets a choice to continue to content or watch an ad after 5 seconds of ad viewing. Advertisers only pay when the viewer has watched 30 seconds of an ad or to its completion, for example, if it’s a 15 second ad.

InSlate Ads

InSlate Ads

With InSlate Ads, users have the option to choose one ad among many or watch regular commercial breaks. Advertisers only pay when their ad is chosen to be watched.

If the users are not interested in your ads, they don’t watch it and you don’t pay.

TrueView Video Ads are very good for engagement campaigns and it’s also a good way to see how well your creative agency has made the ads for you.

Find out more on TrueView Video Ads.